Once a piece of upholstered Bay Leather furniture has its frame and springs, the next components to be added are the cushions and padding. Seat cushions sit on top of the spring system and seat deck. Back pillows, if present, rest against the back and arms of the piece.   The weight of a seat cushion is a good guide to how well it will perform in the long term. A lower quality foam cushion may weigh as little as half that of a top quality fill/construction.

Most cushions are made of a high-density foam core that is then wrapped with either soft polyester, feather down, or a hypoallergenic down substitute.

Fibre (like Dacron) adds resilience so that pillows keep their shape, while it wraps to form a soft envelope.  Cushions and pillows are usually sewn into cotton cases to ensure smooth upholstering.

Feather & down offer the maximum comfort and softness in cushions and pillows, that most people desire and designers prefer. The cushions need to be fluffed up to maintain shape and comfort.

Polyester and high density foam require less maintenance but do not offer the same comfort levels as Feather fills.  

Based on the designer’s criteria for comfort, performance and durability, the cushion fill and construction must suit the application. Each part of the sofa requires a different comfort, performance and durability level, so the cushioning in different areas of the sofa may be different.  When choosing foam cushions, the initial comfort and support must suit your personal preference. However, as all foams lose some hardness (or firmness) during use, you need to consider what they will feel like, and how well they will support you, in the longer term.Our consultants can advise and show you the cushion construction for the furniture you are interested in.