The Bay Leather Republic construction philosophy is all about individual style. That's why our designers and selectors work with the worlds best manufacturers to ensure the products that are made for us are also engineered with quality materials, which guarantee longevity.

The load bearing components of our frames are correctly engineered, custom made for each model, from various timbers and timber composites, that are structurally rated for the use and styling of each furniture design.Corner blocks are often fitted to maintain  rigidity and squareness. Man-made timber products, such as structural grade plywoods are a feature, in appropriate areas according to the requirements of the design.

It is important that every Bay Leather Republic sofa and chair gets optimum strength from their frame because when a piece of furniture is properly sprung, the frame takes on substantial pressure.  Lesser frames are likely to warp, twist, split or give way under the tension created by the seating system. Structural timber remains the upholstery industry's preferred foundation for construction because it has never been superseded for its responsiveness and adaptability to correct furniture design.

Speak to one of our helpful consultants about the construction of the sofa that you are interested in, or download the relevant Product Card on the product page which contains all the information you need to know from design and leather, to construction including back, seat and frame.  Whatever your eyes tell you, make sure it's your body making the final call.