Understanding Leather

True to our name, every sofa, chair and ottoman we build is crafted in high quality leather. Soft, supple and highly durable, leather is a versatile and universally popular upholstery cover for furniture. We choose to work with leather because of its natural strength and extraordinary ability to improve with age.  

We understand the nuances of hide and its application to furniture design. Each range design is expertly matched to selected hides to give the ultimate combination of style and comfort. Compared to fabric, leather does, and always will, represent the best enduring value for your home.  

The best quality upholstery leathers breathe and feel cool in summer and warm during winter. Upholstery leather is made from animal skins, which are a by-product from the beef-cattle meat industry and offer a time-proven, sustainable solution for upholstering quality furniture. The hides are made ready for upholstery by tanning, which is a series of treatments that soften, pigment, beautify and protect the hides.