Choosing the Right Leather

Depending on treatments used, genuine upholstery leathers come in three basic types. Each has differing performance, as well as a distinctive look and feel. Bay Leather Republic leathers also come in a wide variety of timeless and fashion colours with textured, original finishes to suit your decor and lifestyle needs. Made from the finest raw materials, our leathers are put through a series of rigorous tests that ensure optimal performance and enduring value.  

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain leathers are made from the strong, top-grain (surface) layer of the cattle hide. These hides often show their natural growth marks or scars. Full Grain leathers are graded to exhibit more or less of their natural characteristics. These variations in markings can be subtle or pronounced, depending on the selection of hide and the extent of the leather finishing treatments. Finding highly valued, unblemished hides that also show off their natural characteristics (grain variations, growth lines etc) is the proof that you are investing in the best leather, with the most sought after quality and value.  

Corrected Grain Leather

Corrected Grain leather uses the strong top-grain layer from quality cattle hide, but these cattle hides may have shown excessive marks, scars, insect bites, nicks etc. To be used for selected Bay Leather Republic upholstery, the impact of these irregularities needs to be reduced; usually by lightly buffing (sanding and filling) the hides damaged top-grain surface. A uniform grain pattern is then embossed into the leather, to restore an overall 'even grain' look. Our Corrected Grain leathers are both strongly and carefully finished, to enhance their look and wear and provide excellent value for money as day-to-day leather furniture covers, perfect for families.    

Split Leather  

On a few of our designs we have selected leather ‘splits’ to upholster the outside back or sides of the furniture. These ‘splits’ are genuine cattle hide, literally a layer of hide that has been ‘split-away’ from just under the stronger top grain layer. While the Split does not have the same strength and resilience as premium Full Grain or Corrected Grain leathers (and Splits should never be used on the seats of furniture), modern tanning methods offer practical use of the Split, making leather panels with an embossed grain, that matches the look of the premium top grain leathers. Not only does this technique maximise the yield from the cattle hide, it provides an economical alternative to all over top-grain leather upholstery.