Leather Care and Tips

Good Looks Need To Be Maintained

Prior to your Bay Leather Republic product leaving the factory, it will receive a final inspection. It will then be wrapped in order to protect it and minimise movement whilst in transit. Once unpacked, leather sofas may require “dressing”. This is quite normal, and very easy to perform using the following steps:

  • Plump up the back cushions and arm pads of each sofa
  • Ease the leather gently into shape with the palms of your hands
  • Spread the leather across the seat cushions in the same way
  • Give the sofa time to “warm up” and relax (this may take a few days in a warm room).

Sit comfort

Advances in structural and seating design technologies have resulted in more durable and ‘softer-sit comfort’, whilst still maintaining the necessary body-correct support. To extend the comfort life of your cushions, avoid sitting on the edges of foam cushions as this may cause premature loss of structural shape. If your furniture features loose seat and or back cushions, regularly rotate the cushion positions, to help all seats settle and give a consistent feel across your furniture.

Solid foundation

The load bearing components of Bay Leather Republic’s frames are correctly engineered, custom made for each model, from various timbers and timber composites. Timber products, such as structural grade plywoods are featured, in appropriate areas according to the requirements of the design. Structural timbers remain the upholstery industry’s preferred foundation for construction because it has never been superseded for its responsiveness and adaptability to best practice furniture design.

A quality sofa doesn’t wear out, it wears in

If your new Bay Leather Republic sofa feels or looks a little different to the one you saw in the store (the seat may feel firmer; the leather may look tighter), that’s because your furniture is brand new, unlike the store’s floor sample which may have already been well ‘run-in’ by many visitors. Like a new pair of shoes, or a saddle, with regular use your new furniture will also gradually begin to adapt to your expectations. An advantage to bear in mind is that a fine sofa or chair doesn’t wear out, it wears in. This also means that your sofa can (and will) relax into a more casual appearance over time. When pressure is applied to the polyurethane foam for the first time, the micro cells within the foam structure break which creates a slight softening effect. This natural cellular breakdown is expected and has been designed to achieve far greater comfort. It also means that during the first few weeks of use comfort creases and wrinkles will form naturally in the leather. This is quite normal and should not cause any concern.  

These features are characteristics of the upholstery to give it a soft inviting look that is an inherent feature of the best upholstery.