Natural Characteristics of Leather

Hallmarks of natural leather

Your Bay Leather Republic furniture features unique and hand made signatures that individually personalise every design. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, each piece of leather is distinctive in its markings. These markings add beauty to the leather and serve as proof of its authenticity. Leather is a natural material, so every hide has unique characteristics; and as our furniture is made from many hides, the leather may show slight colour and grain variation - this is only natural.

Age adds character and reflects how the leather furniture has been used during its lifetime. Over the years, leather adapts itself to the user and develops a personalised and individual look.  

With regular use, as the leather fibres relax, we expect that comfort creases may form in the areas that receive the most body contact, such as seat and back cushions. All these signs serve as more evidence of the leather's authenticity and should be no cause for concern.

The naturally changing patina of some premium leather finishes

The less surface treatment your leather has, usually the softer and more natural it will appear and feel. Pure aniline and some semi-aniline finishes, as well as leathers with a ‘waxy’ or ‘pull-up’ finish, will continue to change appearance as the leather ages, responds to your lifestyle and the way you use your furniture.

Most common characteristics in premium leathers. 

Vein Lines
 Horn Butts, Scrapes & Healed Scars
 Fat Wrinkles
 Skin Blemishes

Scars, wrinkles and folds all contribute to the natural beauty of top grain leathers and do not affect the performance or longevity of the leather. The appearance of these characteristics varies from minimal to prominent, depending on the hide selection and processing.


Colour Variation
Grain Variation
Dyes are absorbed differently throughout the hide and some colour variation is normal and expected. Colour variation ranges from slight in pigmented top-coat protected finishes, to distinct, in semi or full aniline finished leathers, with no colour pigments.