Leather and comfort go hand in hand, however we understand that everyone’s requirements are unique, therefore at Bay Leather Republic, we’re proud to offer you a variety of leathers, and seating options to fulfill your needs.

If you are after a child friendly sofa cover, look into our Corrected Grain leathers – perfect for every day use; or if you are after a natural look, we have a wide selection of Full Grain leathers available – they require a little more maintenance, but they will mature better than that bottle of Shiraz that you’ve been keeping in the cellar for all those years.

What’s inside the sofa is also important, and here at Bay Leather, we are proud to show you. Just like leathers, we have different seating foundations to suit different designs and comfort levels. From a zigzag foundation – perfect for streamlined designs through to our luxurious 8 Way Hand Tied seating construction.